Perfect for everyone who loves to get a "taste" of nature and history when they travel through breathtaking landscapes

Enjoying good company and food
7-day cycling tour to discover the Salento region

  Apulia, where the nature is colour
A specially-designed 190 km tour

Some of the natural sights included: Flora and fauna of ponds and of the nature reserves: The Cesine (WWF), the lakes Alìmini, the wood of Tricase, the Serra di Poggiardo, the ponds of Ugento. The great nature monuments: the Vallonea oak tree, the thousand-year-old olive trees.
Historical sites will include: The dolmen and menhir of Giurdignano. The cave of Zinzulusa.
Cities and towns to be visited on the tour include: Lecce, Otranto, S.Maria di Leuca, Gallipoli.


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For details and information contact us by e-mail or fax +39(0)2 700 33 150
We provide supplementary accomodations if requested


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Dark and ancestral rites, stirring scents, violent beauty, all opened wide in the sun. And, moreover, the emerald green of the sea, the parched trees beyond the stone walls, wide sea-coasts with olive trees, watched by bold votive spires and gauzy Baroque façades, as precious as laces.

This is Salento: a land languidly settled, quiet and silent, between the Ionian and the Adriatic sea, similar to a hanging garden that, for its rareness, satisfies the restless curiosity of visitors. The geographical identikit is grounded on a few elements: only beaches, sea and plain, that sometimes is desolating, bare and desert, and sometimes, rich, lively and surprisingly luxuriant. Beyond there is the Mediterranean sea.

Salento has always watched, through the sea, towards the coast in front of it. And, in return, it got an influence still winding between the walls of the ancient villages, the architectures and the urbanistic settings, getting into people’s uses, insinuating into idioms and expanding over old traditions, persisting in a taste having an oriental turn of thought in its typical dishes.

If the sky works as projector, the sea acts as a lung for a heritage rich of art, history, folklore, of a humanity with a high spirit of warm hospitality ... where it is not difficult to spend a holiday in human measure.

Carlo Rossi

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Program Summary

Salento Map

1st day (km. 28). From Lecce to Melendugno.
2nd day (km. 26). From Melendugno to Otranto.
3rd day (km. 32). From Otranto to Santa Cesarea.
4th day (km. 35). From Santa Cesarea to S. Maria di Leuca
5th day (km. 32). From S. Maria di Leuca to Gallipoli.
6th day (km. 36). From Gallipoli to Lecce.
7th day: visit of the city of Lecce and the “Museo Archeologico Provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano” (an excellent display of the archaeological features seen during the cycling tour).

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Meeting point: Lecce

Means of transport to reach LECCE
Motorway A14 Bologna - Brindisi + Highway to Lecce
Exit: Lecce

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BRINDISI Airport: Alitalia Airlines
Connection to Brindisi by bus
Connection to Lecce by railway

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LECCE - Trenitalia Station

Useful Numbers:
PROVINCE BOARD for TOURISM - LECCE - Via Monte S. Michele 20
tel. (+39)0832317766

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