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A seven-day cycling tour in the Marches region, from Duke's lands to Monte Cònero (at seaside).
A specially-designed
235 km tour

duca mare
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Some of the natural sights included:
Naturalistic Area of Frasassi:  Gorge and Grottos
The Riserva Naturale dell'Abbadia di Fiastra
The Monte Cònero park
Historical sites will include:

  Ponte Millio in Cagli, Urbs Salvia

Cities and towns to be visited on the tour include:
Urbinia, Cagli, Fabriano, Tolentino, Recanati, Loreto, Ancona


For details and information contact us by e-mail or fax +39(0)2 700 33 150
We provide supplementary accomodations if requested


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The Terra del Duca is made up of the lands that belonged to the ancient Dukedom of Urbino; the complex progress of history, as it has unfolded slowly over the course of the centuries, has meant that today, this area covers part of the Marches region and part of the Pesaro-Urbino and Ancona provinces, along with a strip of Umbria, with the towns of Gubbio, Costacciaro and Scheggia. It borders with Tuscany and with Emilia Romagna.
A tour around the Terra del Duca leads you through rolling hills, from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, and takes you on an extraordinary journey through time, from Prehistory to the present day, in a continual stream of fascinating sights and emotions.
There are lots of things to see in the countryside, still uncontaminated by pollution and studded with the valleys of the Marecchia, Conca, Foglia, Metauro, Cesano and Misa rivers, set deep in an area where the works of men stand out in the villages that they have created – villages which have remained intact with their rich store of monuments and history, surrounded by hand-cultivated farmland that offers genuine, typical products, full of ancient flavours.

The Terra del Duca is still today, just as it has always been, a comfortable place for human beings, able to offer a new lifestyle that follows the natural rhythms of time. The extraordinary unity of style in its cultural and artistic treasures reflects over four and a half centuries of common history: from the governments of the Montefeltro and the Della Rovere families, to the Pesaro-Urbino Legation, and to the Unification of Italy, these lands have all shared the same, fascinating destiny.
Its uniqueness, in the range of what it offers the tourist, is in being made up of lots of important towns, already capitals of their own areas, and of the model-towns of the eight dukes of Montefeltro and Della Rovere who governed it over the years.
Capital cities, model-towns, fortified villages, forts, castles and churches fully justify this new, virtual representation of the Terra del Duca.

from "La terra del Duca, Dai Montefeltro ai Della Rovere" -  Marinella Bonvini Mazzanti and Giambaldo Belardi .

Cooperation: Maria Vittoria Ambrogi.

Volume realizzato nell'ambito del progetto culturale "La Terra del Duca" promosso dai Comuni di Gubbio, Novafeltria, Pesaro, Senigallia ed Urbino.

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Program summary
Marche Map

1° day (km. 53). From Urbino to Cagli: Furlo Gorge.
2° day (km.46). From Cagli to Frasassi Gorge area and crottos.
3° day (km. 23). From Frasassi Naturalistic area to Tolentino.
4° day (km.53). From Tolentino to Potenza Picena.
5° day (km.30). From Potenza Picena - Recanati and Loreto - to Monte Cònero (seaside).
6° day. The Monte Cònero park.
7° day (km.30). From Monte Cònero to Ancona.

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Meeting point: Urbino

Means of transport to reach Urbino

Motorway A14 Exit: Pesaro or Fano, then follow indication to Urbino

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Falconara Marittima

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Trenitalia – Station of  Pesaro;
NB: in front of the station, bus to Urbino

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